Sunday, August 9, 2009


-Pay attention to spelling. Inaccurate spelling will be marked as wrong.

-Acronyms are allowed. For instance DNA, ATP , RNA

-Use scientific terms as much as possible. General terms like ‘carries’, ‘give’, ‘attracted’ should be avoided.

-Use scientific sentences.

-Wrong cancels right rule.

-Don’t repeat the same answer twice.

-Explain means you should give reason.

-Corresponding questions; Please give facts, explain the facts, and the consequence.
A women who is a heavy smoker becomes pregnant. Explain why she should stop smoking

-Sequence questions
Must have sequence. Jumping sequence, no marks.
For comparison, use tables with complete sentences. No point form is allowed.

-Do not answer using point form for essays. Use complete sentences. No marks for point form.

-always draw a table if needed, do not be dependent on your examination paper lines.

-always ensure you put down units if required.

-label the axis of your graphs in full. Don’t just put “height” or “measurement”. it is WRONG and UNCLEAR!

-graphs must have SMOOTH CURVES

-always write more. Do not write less, especially for section B of paper 2. However, avoid silly mistakes.

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