Monday, August 31, 2009


1.First - Study the task or picture given.
- DO NOT ignore any details given.
- DO NOT change any facts.
(If you leave any of the content point, you will lose marks
for contents)

2.Next - You must read carefully and understand the task given.
(Are you required to write a FORMAL or INFORMAL
LETTER? write a REPORT to the principal ? – write an
ARTICLE for the school magazine or give a speech.)

3.Then - Once you have read the question and you know what the
task is, you must use :
ALL the notes / points given
Try to elaborate on the points.
Use sequence connectors or logical connectors. Use
sentence or logical connectors so that the ideas flow
smoothly. Sequence connectors are transition words such
Firstly. Secondly, After that, Next, Finally
and so on.
Examples of logical connectors are
However, Consequently, Subsequently, As a result and so

4. Finally - You must check on your grammar and spelling.

Suggestions To Students

• Ensure all content points are used.

• Read and follow the instructions/rubric carefully – be sure of the task before writing.

• Elaborate on content points, but do not get carried away.

• Improve spelling – use a dictionary when necessary.

• Do not take punctuation lightly. Punctuation errors can be serious errors.

• Answer all the questions in the examination. Any attempt, however weak, will merit some marks. No attempt = ‘0’ mark.

• Read widely to improve general knowledge and vocabulary. Organise time well. Candidates tend to provide too lengthy answers for Section A (Directed Writing) at the expense of the other section. Often, irrelevant elaborations are included

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