Friday, September 25, 2009

TIMES : SPM2009 Last Minute Tips - English for Science & Technology

English for Science & Technology

SPM English for Science & Technology consists of Paper 1 (subjective questions) and Paper 2 (30 objective questions). Follow this guide to answer the papers.

1. Strategy to Answering Paper 1
Section A
Section B
2. Strategy to Answering Paper 2
1. Strategy to Answering Paper 1
Section A
Read and understand the given text carefully.
Underline words or main ideas of the topic.
Understand the given graphic organiser or table.
Identify keywords of the questions.
Answer with only words or phrases taken from the text and not the full sentences.
Total lifting or exact production of sentence is not allowed.
Partial lifting is accepted but meaning must come through.
You can construct your own sentence but it should be correct in meaning as given in the text.

Example: Tsunamis have been known to reach incredible heights, ranging from tens to hundreds of metres, and they can travel as fast as a commercial jet.

Capable of reaching unbelievable heights.
Range from tens to hundreds of metres.
Speed can reach that of a commercial plane.

Do not write more than one answer for one space.
Do not add up any answers options below the given bulleted question. If you list more than the required answers, the extra answers will be ignored.
Your answers must be grammatically correct. Use proper subject-verb agreements.
Example: ‘Technology is good’ not ‘Technology are good’
Be cautious with your spelling. Correct spelling of keywords is mandatory. Do not spell an English word using the Malay word.
Example: ‘Technology’ wrongly spelt as ‘teknologi’
Utilise and elaborate all content points effectively.
Organise your ideas excellently. Do not mix up your point as it will affect your marks.
Use appropriate and precise science and technology expressions.

Section B
Read and understand the instructions carefully (e.g. write a report/review/description).
Underline words or main ideas of the topic.
Identify the keywords of the questions.
Be cautious on spelling. Do not misspell. Correct spelling of keywords is mandatory.
Write P for every content point (e.g. P1, P2, etc). This will enable you to identify every single content points and comparison points in the text. If you left out one point, your essay band will be marked down to Band C.
Give strong ideas and detailed elaborations based on scientific data.
If the question is a Descriptive Essay, you can give extra information related to the subject.
It can be examples, extended ideas, or causes & effects of a process.
Avoid giving incorrect data related to time and size as this can lead to you getting a lower band.
Do not hesitate to write more than 300 words. There is no limitation of words but to score an A, you need to write at least 400 words with a very good language expression and strong explanations.
2. Strategy to Answering Paper 2
This section consists of 30 objective questions.
Most of the answers can be found in the text given so read carefully before answering the questions.

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