Saturday, May 8, 2010

The UEM Group Scholarship 2010 Experience : izxfar


TIME : 9.00 AM
VENUE : UEM Learning Centre,  No. 5A, Jalan 51/217, Off Jalan Templer, 46050 Petaling Jaya,  Selangor Darul Ehsan. (To download location map, please visit


TIME : 8.30 AM
VENUE : Level 7, Mercu UEM, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, KL Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur (To download location map, please visit


DATE : 29 MAY 2010
TIME : (unknown)
VENUE : Mercu UEM, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, KL Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur (To download location map, please visit


-the application of The UEM Group Scholarship 2010 and has open after SPM result 2009, 11 March 2010 more info
-the closing date was on 31 March 2010

-applicants can apply the scholarship here
-applicants can review their status on the website here and the shortlisted one will be called by phone and via mail
-I was called by En Shah from UEM while waiting to be interviewed for MARA Scholarship PILN 2010
-the shortlisted one should provided the following documents:-

  1. Four (4) passport sized colour photographs (please write your full name and MyKad number behind each photo);
  2. Copy of MyKad, both sides on the same A4 size paper;
  3. Copy of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Examination result;
  4. Copy of certificates for Extra Curricular Activities as reflected in your application form;
  5. Copy of your resume or curriculum vitae (CV);
  6. Original of the above documents (for verification purposes)

-the number of shortlisted for the first and second stage was 60 candidates only
-before I went to UEM Learning Centre, I managed to check my mailbox and founded that UEM, Pn Norashikin has sent me a mail entitled "UEM Learning Centre Please Complete Questionnaire" which is about Harrison Assessments at this url . at first I thought, I need to complete it before the first stage
-I arrived at the UEM Learning Centre before 8.00 am and I was the first person who came, while waiting I opened my Inspiron Mini and started answering the Harrison Assessments
-then other applicant came, which is Danial Fitri and I asked him about the assessments test... he also did not noticed about the test, so I stopped answering because others candidates did not know about it yet
-a lady (Pn Ajlaa) pleased us to go to the computer lab for registration.. there I meet others applicants which are Nasif, Irwan and Azizi
-at around 9.00 am, we were pleased to enter the lab and choose our own computer
-then En Azman gave some briefing and Pn Norashikin asked us to turn on the computer and check our mailbox
-actually, the mail that has been sent to us was for the first stage test and two of the applicants have already finished it before
-I told Pn Norashikin  that I have answered it half-way and I just need to continue it
-the assessments test was OK and most of us finished early then the actual time, then it was time for "Facebook" and some surfing
-several minutes later, Pn Norashikin and Pn Ajlaa came and pleased us to have some breakfast that was provided


-I arrived at Mercu UEM at about 8.00 am and asked the guard about the UEM stage 2
-I just waited at the lobby and a few minutes later Irwan came, I can't access the wireless due to the password security and I missed my broadband
-at about 8.30 am, the registration begin and we were given the visitor card to enter the level 7, Mercu UEM
-as we arrived at level 7, we saw Pn Ajlaa again and have some breakfast there, while enjoying our meals I managed to meet a gir from Tunku Kusiah Kolej (TKC) and a boy from KL school
-then Pn Ajlaa pleased us to wait our turn for interview in a meeting room, at there we were given a paper and we needed to write an essay in 30 minutes
-after finishing our essay writing, I asked Pn Ajlaa the security password for the wireless and then she gave the password to me which is "609811guest"
-I was informed by Pn Ajlaa that I was the first person to be interviewed and  when the time has came , I entered the interview room and gave the original documents and my resume to the interviewers and then they asked me where's my essay. I told them that I have submitted it to Pn Ajlaa
-actually, Pn Ajlaa wrongly gave Irwan's documents to the interviewers not mine, so my turn was after Irwan
-after irwan was finished 20 minutes later, then it was my turn
-I entered the room again and gave them again the documents and they said sorry for that
-the interviewers greeted me in Kelantanese Slang and asked me to speak Kelantanese Language or Malay or English, I'm quite shocked about it but they were really, really friendly

Questions and Answers

Q: Please introduce briefly about yourself?
A: I was formerly from.... (bla.. bla... bla..)

Q: What others scholarship interview has you attended ? (one of the interviewer said : Soalan Wajib)
A: I has applied many scholarship and ... (bla... bla... bla...)

Q: (they asked about myself, my activities and leadership skill)
A: bla.... bla... bla..

Q: Why and what engineer  you want to be?
A: bla... bla... bla..

Q: Would you accept if we offer you other course (Finance)?
A: bla.. bla.. bla..

*this question is very very tricky,,

Q: Our part was done.. Is there any question you want to ask?
A: (I just asked their names and which company will I work after graduate) 
Q: (their names are : En Azman, Pn Ruby, Pn Kay)

-the result for the final stage will be announce next week and the one who get it will be called

-for your information, I fail to get the call which was on 27 April 2010 for the final stage interview and two of my friends got it which are Danial and Nasif
-from what I know, it is just about 20 applicants for the final stage

*Even I fail to secure this valuable scholarship, I am still happy and proud to be shortlisted for the first and second stage and earn great experience while meeting new friends


  1. excuse me
    for the assessment test
    do we have to bring all the documents they told us to?
    or wait 4 da 2nd stage for dat?

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