Saturday, April 24, 2010


TIME : 4.00 PM (mine start at 5.20 PM)



-the application of JPA/MARA Scholarship PILN 2010 and has open on the 11 March 2010 more info
-the closing date was 7 days after the SPM result which was on 18 March 2010 more info
-all the applicant must register at eSILA JPA website
-read the manual first and then FAQ Permohonan Tajaan JPA dan MARA Untuk Lepasan SPM 2009 Di Bawah Program Ijazah Luar Negara
-read carefully the minimum requirement of the course that you will apply
-after shortlisted, you need to take a Ujian Khas Persekutuan JPA and create an essay about self, background education and career planning. sample MARA essay [1][2]


-verify all the photocopy document
-arrange your document nicely
-search as much information about the course and country


-I arrive at MARA Terengganu at 3.00 pm after having lunch (feeling dizy at that time, it is not a good sign)
-there were two young ladies at the registration table (both of them are from the MARA HQ), they told me that the registration time for 4 pm session will be open at 3.45pm
-I don't know where to go since at that time i'm still feeling headache, then I just wait with both ladies. then they please me to have a seat, since there was an empty seat at the registration table
-I chatted with them (they are very friendly) and I asked them to check my documents, one of them gave me a mineral bottle
-after registration session, both of them showed us the interviewer room (I am in panel 3)
-at the room I saw a lady waited us while watching a movie on her laptop (maybe she bored)
-as I mentioned above I was the last person to be interviewed and at that day I was the only one who applied Engineering France
-while waiting my turn, En Shah from UEM called me to tell about the UEM interview on 19 April (first stage) and 21 April (second stage)
-before my turn, an officer MARA and the practical student lady from UNISEL chated with me to relief the tension since I was the last person

Questions And Answers

Q: Dah makan ke belum? Datang dari mana? Pukul berapa sampai?
A: (I asked them what language they wanted me to speak)
Q: Cakap biasa jer.. Just ice-breaking..
A: (I just answered in Malay)

Q: What do you know about this programme?
A: I know this Engineering France from my senior and I also have conducted a research about it... (explanation)
Q: Mata OK tak?
A: For now my health is OK (confuse to answer it in Malay or English)

Q: Why do you think we should choose you? Please promote your self ?
A: (I told them about my co-curricular activity and leadership)
Q: Can you speak Mandarin?
A: I can speak in 3 languages.. which is Malay (they laugh when I said it), English and Arabic... (I told them that I want to learn Mandarin but I dont have the time since I have joined English Programme)

Q: Is there any questions?
A: (I asked about the France programme : even I already know about it - just to confirm)...May I know your name?
Q: Why do you want to know our name?
A: I want to send a thank you letter
Q: Tak payah la..Kami buat kerja kami jer.. cakap kat sini jer..

-It was just around 10 minutes
-the main question they asked me in English but they interrupted my speech in Malay and thats make me little bit confuse to answer it
-MARA just want to know our education, carrier planning (same goes to essay)

*Wish to secure MARA scholarship even though I'm still not satisfy with my answers and the questions that was given to me

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  1. hi, thank you 4 sharing ur xperience
    in case u might know, how many A+ A and A- should I get to be called for Mara interview?