Thursday, April 8, 2010



2.00 pm : Registration
2.45 pm : Critical Reasoning Test Battery (C R T B)
4.00 pm : End


Part 1 : Verbal Evaluation
Part 2 : Interpreting Data
Part 3 : Diagrammatic Series


1)Before PNB Test Session

-The application has opened after the SPM result on 11 March 2010 more info
-The closing date for application is 23 March 2010 (Selasa)
-The applicants have to download the form at PNB website or just click here then they have to submit the form to Jabatan Pembangunan Pendidikan or email
-The minimum requirements are 8A's in SPM and 2A for English GCE-O and I only got 3B for the English GCE-O but PNB still called me for the test... my advice here is try to apply first this scholarship
-The problem that I faced was to verify all the certificates due to the one week holiday after SPM result... I hope the future candidates will verify all their certificates earlier before the SPM result
-At first I planed to submit the application by post and via email, however I just sent the form by post express one day before the closing date which is on 22 March 2010
-The result of PNB Overseas Scholarship Awards 2010 did not publish on the PNB website but those who were shortlisted for the test will be called by PNB, one or two weeks after the closing date
-I have received a call from Pn. Norlin from PNB on 31 March 2010 at about 3.00 pm (just after I woke up from bed) (after finishing the YTN OVS scholarship 2010)
-Pn. Norlin told that the test will be held on 5 April 2010, 2.00 pm in Room 1 Tingkat 36 Menara PNB and I had to bring the stationeries and a calculator
-on 2 April 2010, I called again Pn. Norlin to confirm the date and place then she said "Kenapa tak catat?" in a joke... and I said that I have wrote it on a paper and then the paper has gone

What did I prepared for the PNB test
-practiced the intelligence quotient (IQ) test on the internet and try to know how to answer it
-prepared my mind to be clear and always stay calm
-answered the University of Kent IQ test
-buy a new calculator (if you have lost it)
-buy stationeries (complete set)

2)During PNB Test Session

-I came very, very early in the morning around 10.00 am since my cousin just dropped me at Menara PNB and went to work at The Intermark
-the PNB officer (lady) asked me to register, then I told her that my test is at 2.00 pm... so she pleased me to sit and wait at the lobby hall or pray "Dhuha" at Tabung Haji
-I just wait while testing my IQ on the internet
-at the lobby hall, there were so many people which were parents of the applicants sat at the lobby while waiting their children to finish the PNB IQ test
-at around 11.30 am, all the candidates for morning session has finished the test came down and seek their parents
-I managed to interview and ask one of the applicants of the morning session which is from Terengganu, he told that we need to be fast to answer all those tricky questions
-at around 12.30 pm, my friend form my mother land came, and we discuss some questions related with IQ
-then at about 1.00 pm, we had a lunch at McDonald (we lost for a while) since I just ate some bread and drank 100+ (isotonic)
-we went to Menara PNB at around 1.30 pm after enjoying our meal, and at the lobby there were others applicants that still waiting for the registration
-at around 2.00 pm the registration session began... at the registration table I saw a women and I thought she is Pn. Norlin, then I introduced myself and thanks God... she remembered me....
-Pn. Norlin told us to line up into group which group 1 and group 2 and she brought us to the 36 floor and reminded us not to go to any floor except 36
-after arriving at the 36 floor we went to the Room 1 and took our seat and waited for others applicants
-while waiting, Pn Rukiah  tried to calm down the situation by ice-breaking and we needed to introduce ourself to others and some of the names that I managed to jot down were Ilias, Shauki, Shakir, Aiman, Faizal, Malina, Ain, Aisyah, Fatimah, Atirah, Sakinah, Amalin, Atikah, Afiq, Hazreen, and Amzar (I just wrote based what I heard)


Part 1 : Verbal Evaluation VC 1.3 : 20 questions (20 minutes)
-really, really need to understand the whole passage (more difficult than EST)
-three options of answers (A:agree, B:don't agree C:need more information)

Part 2 : Interpreting Data NC 2.3 : 18 questions (20 minutes)
-some questions, need help from a calculator
-don't trap with the tricky questions
-need to calculate fast
-have to understand the diagram, chart, statistics and numbers

Part 3 : Diagrammatic Series DC 3.1 : 40 questions (20 minutes)
-open your eyes as width as you can to see the pattern and trick of the questions
-don't spend too much time on a question
- answer quickly

3)After PNB Test Session 

-Pn. Rukiah told us that the result will be announced at the end of May 2010 via email and phone and only those who are shortlisted will be contact
-there will be an interview (depends on the PNB)
-I ask Pn Rukiah, where did PNB buy the CTRB book, and she said the PNB bought them form UK and we need a license to buy this battery (I think those who really want to excel in IQ test should buy this battery)
-we left the room with a tired mind and brain
-I sent the Thank You letter on 6 April 2010, one day after the PNB test to Pn Norlin and Pn Rukiah via email

*Good luck for the future candidates of this IQ test...
*Just pray for the best for all of us (Do hope to get this scholarship)


  1. The slot that requires calculator , right . Do we need to memorize any formula from SPM ? Or everything is given ? Thank you :)

  2. I got 3 questions

    1) How was your SPM result?
    2) Was there an interview later on?
    3) Did you get the scholarship?

    Thank you for your information.

  3. Betwewn Baju kurung or blouse with pants,which one is more reliable on that day?

  4. Betwewn Baju kurung or blouse with pants,which one is more reliable on that day?

  5. this might be superbly late, but congratulation!

  6. What is the format of the actual interview?is it individual or in a group?

    Can you share the question?

  7. What is the format of the actual interview?is it individual or in a group?

    Can you share the question?