Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pre-University Courses : From afterschool

Pre-University (Pre-U) courses act as a bridge between your SPM year and your ideal degree. They are intermediate, foundational or preparatory courses, intended to prepare you for studies in local or foreign universities where you will be pursuing your bachelor’s degree.

Pre-U courses such as STPM and Local Matriculation are for entry into local universities, while courses like A-Levels and the American Degree Programme (ADP) are for entry into universities abroad. Pre-U courses usually take up to two years to complete.

If you are sure about your ambitions or career options, you can opt for a Pre-U programme specialising in a related area such as law, business and engineering. Once you complete a Foundation Programme in any of these subjects, you will be on course to pursue a degree in the same field of study.

On the other hand, if you need more time to consider your future career options, you can opt for a general Pre-U course such as STPM, A-Levels, Canadian Pre-U, or SAM. These programmes are recognised by universities worldwide and will give you time to decide on which area to major in.

Local Matriculation
Foundation Programme
GCE A-Levels
International Baccalaureate

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