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DATE : 5 MEI 2010
TIME : 9.00 AM


Yayasan Pelajaran MARA mempelawa pelajar-pelajar yang memenuhi syarat dan kelayakan untuk memohon Program Biasiswa Ijazah Berkembar Jepun [JAD]

Terbuka kepada pelajar Bumiputra yang telah mendapat keputusan cemerlang di dalam Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia [SPM] 2009.
Aktif dalam kegiatan ko-kurikulum.
Pendapatan keluarga kurang dari RM 1,500.00 akan diberi keutamaan.
Program Biasiswa Kejuruteraan Mekanikal atau Elektrikal & Elektronik selama 5 tahun [3 tahun di Malaysia + 2 tahun di Jepun] tajaan sepenuhnya oleh Yayasan Pelajaran MARA.
Pemohon bolehlah memuat turun borang permohonan di laman web seperti mana berikut:


-the application of The JAPANESE ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAM (JAD) Yayasan Pelajaran MARA 2010/2015 Scholarship 2010 and has quite late which was around 12 April 2010
-the closing date was on 19 April 2010
-applicants can apply the scholarship here however the application must be posted to YPM
-the one who got shortlisted for the interview will be call and receive a letter 2 weeks after the closing date.. I got a call from YPM on 29 April 2010 (Thursday)


-there were about 11 candidates for my session and only three of us were male
-there were also two penal of interviewer which are the Lecturer (sensei) from JAD UniSel, one of them is the pure Japanese and the other one is pure Malay
-at there, I meet my friends (2 girls) from KEX programme and make friends with 2 MRSM students which is Shamsul and (i forget the name)..
-I was the third person (I think) to be interviewed, and my interviewer is Japanese people, Dr Toshio Mizuno.. the interview session was held fully in English not in Japanese

Questions that have been asked to me.

-introduce self

-how far did u know about JAD programme?

-he also explain more about JAD programme

  1. JAD is a twining program (3 + 2)
  2. First year we will learn 90 % Japanese language (preparation)
  3. Second year will learn 50 % Japanese language (diploma)
  4. Third year will learn 10 % Japanese language (diploma)
  5. Forth and fifth  year will fly to Japan university (12 private universities and 3 public universities) more info
  6. if you fail to maintain your performance, you will be rejected and have to pay back all the money that has been sponsored
  7. Every year, there are about 3 person that fail their studies and have to pay back all the money
  8. After getting your degree, you can work in Malaysia either in Japan or further studies untill MASTERS (YPM will sponsor)
-what course am I applying for and why

-why Japan not UK, US, Australia and others

-What is ur favourite subject that u like the most and subject that u dislike

-3 practical question about add math and physic which are involved with trigonometry and force

  • Sin 60 = ?
  • Tan 45 = ?
  • A box with 0.1 kg, what is the Force (Gravitational), and what is the A (acceleration) units is?
-the interview was baout 30++ minutes


-I sat back at the waiting area and wait for Shamsul turn
-while waiting, I asked the ladies (staff YPM) about the JAD and below were some info that I got:

  • JAD is actually opens for MRSM students only, but on 2007 the applications has opened to others school as well
  • the interview format this year is more easy than last year (3 paper test : Maths, Physics and Chemistry)
  • the number of shortlisted is around 300 and YPM just want to sponsor 70-80 students
  • the results will be announced two weeks later, those who are lucky will receive a an offer letter
  • JAD scholarship is a full scholarship and has no bonding at all

*wish for the best to study in Japan and secure this JAD full scholarship

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The UEM Group Scholarship 2010 Experience : izxfar


TIME : 9.00 AM
VENUE : UEM Learning Centre,  No. 5A, Jalan 51/217, Off Jalan Templer, 46050 Petaling Jaya,  Selangor Darul Ehsan. (To download location map, please visit


TIME : 8.30 AM
VENUE : Level 7, Mercu UEM, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, KL Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur (To download location map, please visit


DATE : 29 MAY 2010
TIME : (unknown)
VENUE : Mercu UEM, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, KL Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur (To download location map, please visit


-the application of The UEM Group Scholarship 2010 and has open after SPM result 2009, 11 March 2010 more info
-the closing date was on 31 March 2010

-applicants can apply the scholarship here
-applicants can review their status on the website here and the shortlisted one will be called by phone and via mail
-I was called by En Shah from UEM while waiting to be interviewed for MARA Scholarship PILN 2010
-the shortlisted one should provided the following documents:-

  1. Four (4) passport sized colour photographs (please write your full name and MyKad number behind each photo);
  2. Copy of MyKad, both sides on the same A4 size paper;
  3. Copy of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Examination result;
  4. Copy of certificates for Extra Curricular Activities as reflected in your application form;
  5. Copy of your resume or curriculum vitae (CV);
  6. Original of the above documents (for verification purposes)

-the number of shortlisted for the first and second stage was 60 candidates only
-before I went to UEM Learning Centre, I managed to check my mailbox and founded that UEM, Pn Norashikin has sent me a mail entitled "UEM Learning Centre Please Complete Questionnaire" which is about Harrison Assessments at this url . at first I thought, I need to complete it before the first stage
-I arrived at the UEM Learning Centre before 8.00 am and I was the first person who came, while waiting I opened my Inspiron Mini and started answering the Harrison Assessments
-then other applicant came, which is Danial Fitri and I asked him about the assessments test... he also did not noticed about the test, so I stopped answering because others candidates did not know about it yet
-a lady (Pn Ajlaa) pleased us to go to the computer lab for registration.. there I meet others applicants which are Nasif, Irwan and Azizi
-at around 9.00 am, we were pleased to enter the lab and choose our own computer
-then En Azman gave some briefing and Pn Norashikin asked us to turn on the computer and check our mailbox
-actually, the mail that has been sent to us was for the first stage test and two of the applicants have already finished it before
-I told Pn Norashikin  that I have answered it half-way and I just need to continue it
-the assessments test was OK and most of us finished early then the actual time, then it was time for "Facebook" and some surfing
-several minutes later, Pn Norashikin and Pn Ajlaa came and pleased us to have some breakfast that was provided


-I arrived at Mercu UEM at about 8.00 am and asked the guard about the UEM stage 2
-I just waited at the lobby and a few minutes later Irwan came, I can't access the wireless due to the password security and I missed my broadband
-at about 8.30 am, the registration begin and we were given the visitor card to enter the level 7, Mercu UEM
-as we arrived at level 7, we saw Pn Ajlaa again and have some breakfast there, while enjoying our meals I managed to meet a gir from Tunku Kusiah Kolej (TKC) and a boy from KL school
-then Pn Ajlaa pleased us to wait our turn for interview in a meeting room, at there we were given a paper and we needed to write an essay in 30 minutes
-after finishing our essay writing, I asked Pn Ajlaa the security password for the wireless and then she gave the password to me which is "609811guest"
-I was informed by Pn Ajlaa that I was the first person to be interviewed and  when the time has came , I entered the interview room and gave the original documents and my resume to the interviewers and then they asked me where's my essay. I told them that I have submitted it to Pn Ajlaa
-actually, Pn Ajlaa wrongly gave Irwan's documents to the interviewers not mine, so my turn was after Irwan
-after irwan was finished 20 minutes later, then it was my turn
-I entered the room again and gave them again the documents and they said sorry for that
-the interviewers greeted me in Kelantanese Slang and asked me to speak Kelantanese Language or Malay or English, I'm quite shocked about it but they were really, really friendly

Questions and Answers

Q: Please introduce briefly about yourself?
A: I was formerly from.... (bla.. bla... bla..)

Q: What others scholarship interview has you attended ? (one of the interviewer said : Soalan Wajib)
A: I has applied many scholarship and ... (bla... bla... bla...)

Q: (they asked about myself, my activities and leadership skill)
A: bla.... bla... bla..

Q: Why and what engineer  you want to be?
A: bla... bla... bla..

Q: Would you accept if we offer you other course (Finance)?
A: bla.. bla.. bla..

*this question is very very tricky,,

Q: Our part was done.. Is there any question you want to ask?
A: (I just asked their names and which company will I work after graduate) 
Q: (their names are : En Azman, Pn Ruby, Pn Kay)

-the result for the final stage will be announce next week and the one who get it will be called

-for your information, I fail to get the call which was on 27 April 2010 for the final stage interview and two of my friends got it which are Danial and Nasif
-from what I know, it is just about 20 applicants for the final stage

*Even I fail to secure this valuable scholarship, I am still happy and proud to be shortlisted for the first and second stage and earn great experience while meeting new friends

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*Hanya sebagai rujukan

Soalan Lazim bagi kemasukan pelajar ke IPTA (UPU) Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi 2009/2010
Bilakah pelawaan iklan Permohonan Kemasukan ke IPTA bagi Sesi Akademik 2009/2010 disiarkan?
Pelawaan  iklan  permohonan  kemasukan  ke  IPTA  bagi Sesi Akademik 2009/2010:
1. Lepasan Diploma/Setaraf : 04 Januari 2009
2. Lepasan STPM/STAM : 01 Februari 2009
3. Lepasan SPM/Setaraf : 01 Februari 2009
Bilakah  Pemohon  boleh mengemukakan  permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA?
Permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA bagi Sesi Akademik 2008/2009 boleh  dikemukakan  mengikut  program  melalui  Aplikasi  Dalam Talian mulai tarikh seperti berikut;
1. Lepasan Diploma/Setaraf : 05 Januari 2009 (capaian mulai 12 tengah hari)
2. Lepasan STPM/STAM : 03 Februari 2009 (capaian mulai 12 tengah hari)
3. Lepasan SPM/Setaraf : 03 Februari 2009 (capaian mulai 12 tengah hari)
3.Bilakah  tarikh  tutup  Permohonan  Kemasukan  ke  IPTA  Sesi Akademik 2008/2009?
Tarikh tutup permohonan adalah seperti berikut:-

1. Lepasan Diploma/Setaraf : 05 Februari 2009
2. Lepasan STPM 2008 10 hari bekerja selepas keputusan STPM 2008 diumumkan
3. Lepasan STAM 2008,2007,2006 : 10 hari bekerja selepas keputusan STAM tahun 2008
4. Lepasan SPM : (Kategori B, C dan D) 03 Mac 2009
5. Lepasan SPM 2008 : 10 hari bekerja selepas keputusan SPM tahun 2008
4.Bagaimanakah untuk mendapatkan borang  permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA ?
 Mulai Sesi Akademik 2009/2010, tiada lagi penjualan borang permohonan kerana permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA adalah melalui Aplikasi Dalam Talian sepenuhnya di laman web

Terdapat 2 kaedah untuk mendapatkan Nombor Unik ID bagi permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA melalui Aplikasi Dalam Talian :-

1.Pesanan secara pukal melalui sekolah atau
2.Pembelian terus di kaunter BSN serta ATM BSN dan SMS Banking bagi pemohon yang mempunyai akaun GIRO terpilih di seluruh Negeri sehari selepas iklan disiarkan
5.Perlukah  saya  sertakan  salinan  sijil  sebagai  bukti mengesahkan penglibatan Kokurikulum?
 Tidak  perlu. Maklumat Kokurikulum akan diselaraskan dengan Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.
Adakah saya perlu menghantar salinan borang permohonan bersama dokumen sokongan ke IPTA pilihan?
Lepasan STPM/Setaraf Hanya Kategori Lepasan Diploma/Setaraf yang perlu mencetak maklumat permohonan dan menghantar bersama-sama dengan salinan dokumen-dokumen yang telah disahkan ke IPTA pilihan.

Lepasan SPM/Setaraf Pemohon Lepasan SPM Kategori C dan D sahaja yang perlu mencetak maklumat permohonan dan menghantar bersama-sama dengan salinan dokumen-dokumen yang telah disahkan ke IPTA pilihan.
7.Bilakah keputusan  permohonan ke IPTA Sesi Akademik 2008/2009 diumumkan?
 Program Pengajian Lepasan STPM/Setaraf : Minggu akhir Jun 2009
Program Pengajian Lepasan SPM/Setaraf : Minggu pertama Mei 2009
8.  Bolehkah pemohon Bukan Warganegara memohon kemasukan ke IPTA Bagi Program Lepasan SPM/Setaraf?
Program Pengajian Lepasan SPM/Setaraf  terbuka kepada WARGANEGARA sahaja.
Bolehkah pemohon Bukan Warganegara dari Luar Negara atau Penduduk Tetap memohon kemasukan ke IPTA bagi Program Pengajian Lepasan STPM /Setaraf?
 Pemohon Bukan Warganegara dari Luar Negara diminta memohon terus  ke  IPTA  pilihan  melalui Pejabat  Pendaftar  Bahagian Akademik dan Kemasukan dengan menggunakan borang khas yang disediakan oleh IPTA berkenaan.
 Pemohon bertaraf Penduduk Tetap perlu memohon  melalui Aplikasi Dalam Talian ke BPKP JPT untuk Permohonan Kemasukan ke IPTA.
10.Adakah pemohon dibenarkan  membuat  pertukaran/  pindaan kod program pengajian selepas mengemukakan permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA?
 Pemohon hanya boleh mengemaskini maklumat sebanyak 3 kali sahaja.  Selepas 3  kali peluang  kemaskini,pemohon tidak dibenarkan lagi membuat pengubahsuai maklumat.
11.Adakah  pemohon  dibenarkan  menukar  program  pengajian yang ditawarkan oleh sesebuah IPTA?
 Tidak dibenarkan.
12.Adakah pemohon dibenarkan menukar IPTA setelah menerima tawaran?
 Tidak dibenarkan.
13.Apakah yang perlu saya buat jika ibu bapa tiada sijil kelahiran atau sijil kelahiran hilang?
 Anda boleh mendapatkan cabutan sijil lahir yang hilang atau tercicir di  Jabatan  Pendaftaran  Negara  terdekat  ATAU  dapatkan  surat sumpah dari Mahkamah.
14.Apakah dasar MUET dalam permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA bagi Sesi Akademik 2009/2010?
 Pemohon perlu mendapatkan tahap 1 (Band 1) dalam peperiksaan MUET bagi kelayakan Lepasan STPM/Setaraf yang memohon  ke Program Pengajian Ijazah Pertama di IPTA.
Hebahan/ Pertanyaan
15.Bagaimanakah  untuk mendapatkan status keputusan permohonan ke IPTA bagi program Pengajian Lepasan STPM/Setaraf ATAU program pengajian Lepasan SPM/Setaraf?
 Anda  boleh  meyemak  status  keputusan  permohonan  ke  IPTA melalui 3 kaedah berikut:
 (i)  Hotline : 03-8883 5858 (10 Talian)
 (ii) Internet
 (iii) SMS Taip UPU dan hantar ke 15888
16.Di manakah saya boleh mendapatkan bantuan tajaan ke IPTA?
 Anda  diminta  merujuk  Perbadanan  Tabung  Pendidikan  Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) di alamat berikut untuk maklumat lanjut:
Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional
Lot G2 Tkt. Bawah Wisma Chase Perdana
Off Jalan Semantan, Damansara Height
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2098 3731/3732
Fax: 03-2098 3769
 Jika  ada  soalan-soalan  lain  berkenaan  dengan  kemasukan  ke IPTA, sila kemukakan ke alamat e-mail kami:
Aplikasi Dalam Talian
17.Adakah kata  laluan  perlu dimasukkan  semasa proses permohonan dan apakah bentuk format  yang boleh dimasukkan dalam ruangan kata laluan?
 Semasa proses permohonan, anda diwajibkan memasukkan tiga elemen iaitu Nombor Kad Pengenalan, Unik ID dan Kata Laluan. Kata Laluan perlulah ringkas iaitu terdiri daripada enam(6) hingga lapan (8) aksara ‘alphanumeric’ sahaja supaya ianya mudah untuk diingati oleh anda.
18. Sekiranya saya kehilangan Nombor Unik ID setelah membuat permohonan,  apakah langkah  atau  cara  terbaik  untuk  saya melaksanakan proses kemas kini atau semakan permohonan?
 Sekiranya anda kehilangan Nombor Unik ID semasa permohonan Fasa 1 dan Fasa 2, anda boleh menggunakan Kata Laluan yang telah didaftarkan semasa permohonan awal untuk membuat proses kemas  kini  maklumat  permohonan atau  semakan  permohonan.
 Sekiranya anda kehilangan Nombor Unik ID dan tidak mengingati Kata  Laluan, anda  perlu memaklumkan  kepada kaunselor Kolej Matrikulasi, Pegawai PASUM dan Koordinator Asasi UiTM untuk penyelarasan dengan pihak BPKP.
19.Saya membeli Nombor Unik ID dan mendapati Nombor Unik ID yang dibeli di BSN sama dengan rakan saya, apakah terdapat sebarang kesilapan yang mungkin timbul di BSN dan apakah ciri-ciri  keselamatan  yang  diterapkan  dalam  Aplikasi  Dalam Talian ini?
 Tiada sebarang kesilapan Nombor Unik ID yang dihasilkan oleh BSN  walaupun  anda  mendapati  Nombor  Unik  ID anda  sama dengan  rakan  anda,  dan  ini  adalah  kerana semua  penghasilan Nombor  Unik  ID  adalah  berdasarkan Nombor  Kad  Pengenalan.
 Bagi    mengemukakan     permohonan,     anda    perlu    memasukkan Nombor Kad Pengenalan, Nombor Unik ID dan Kata Laluan. Ini menunjukkan anda dan rakan anda yang mempunyai Nombor Unik ID yang sama akan memasukkan Nombor Kad Pengenalan dan Kata Laluan yang berbeza.
20.Bagaimanakah    caranya    untuk    saya    mengetahui    program pengajian  yang  dipilih  adalah  program  pengajian  yang  ada temu duga?
 Program  pengajian  yang  ada  temu  duga  boleh  dikenal  pasti dengan adanya tanda (#) di bahagian akhir nama program. Contoh adalah seperti berikut:-
 KH03 - Sarjana Muda Senibina #
Adakah  saya  perlu  menghantar  apa-apa  dokumen  seperti salinan  Kad  Pengenalan,  Slip  Keputusan  dan  sebagainya kepada IPTA atau BPKP?
Anda tidak perlu menghantar apa-apa dokumen kepada IPTA atau BPKP walaupun memilih program pengajian yang ada temu duga. Walau bagaimanapun, anda perlu mengemukakan dokumen/ sijil asal ketika menghadiri temu duga.
Saya ingin mencetak semua maklumat yang telah dimasukkan, adakah saya boleh mencetak maklumat permohonan semasa mengisi maklumat?
 Maklumat permohonan hanya boleh dicetak setelah anda selesai iaitu setelah klik butang "Sah & Hantar". Cetakan daripada laman SEMAKAN dan laman  SELESAI PERMOHONAN/KEMASKINI sahaja yang boleh dicetak dan dijadikan bukti dan rujukan bahawa permohonan anda telah selamat diterima oleh sistem.
 Maklumat  permohonan  yang  dicetak  selain  daripada  laman  ini, TIDAK boleh dijadikan bukti permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA telah berjaya dilakukan oleh anda
23.Bagaimanakah saya boleh ketahui yang maklumat saya telah selamat diterima oleh sistem ?
 Pemohon  boleh  mengetahui  sama  ada  maklumat  telah  diterima atau  belum  dengan  memastikan  setelah  klik butang  “Sah  & Hantar”, paparan “Selesai” dipaparkan. Selain itu, pemohon juga boleh  membuat  Semakan Permohonan  bagi  mengetahui  status penerimaan sistem atas maklumat yang telah dihantar.
24. Semasa permohonan  Fasa 1, saya belum menduduki peperiksaan  semester  kedua untuk  memperolehi  keputusan akhir Matrikulasi/ KPM/ PASUM, oleh itu bagaimanakah saya ingin membuat pilihan program pengajian bagi kemasukan ke IPTA?
Anda boleh  membuat  pilihan  program pengajian semasa permohonan  Fasa  1  berdasarkan  keputusan  Semester  Pertama dan  setelah  keputusan  semester  akhir  diketahui,  anda  boleh membuat  pengemaskinian  pilihan  program  pengajian  semasa permohonan  Fasa  2  dibuka  berdasarkan  keputusan  sebenar
 Perlu  diingatkan  program pengajian  yang mempunyai  ujian  dan temu duga tidak boleh diubah semasa Fasa 2 sekiranya calon telah membuat pilihan program bertemu duga semasa Fasa 1.
25.Adakah  pemohon  wajib  menduduki  ujian  MEdSI  dan  Temu duga dan bilakah Ujian MEdSI dan Temu Duga dijalankan bagi Program Pengajian Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan?
Calon  yang  ingin  mengikuti  Program  Pengajian  Ijazah  Sarjana Muda  Pendidikan diwajibkan  menduduki  ujian  MEdSI  dan  temu duga yang ditetapkan oleh Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi. Hanya calon  yang  memenuhi  Syarat  Am  serta  Syarat  Khas  program sahaja akan dipanggil untuk menghadiri  ujian MEdSI.
 Hebahan mengenai ujian MEdSI boleh disemak mulai 10 April 2008 di laman  web Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia (MPM)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


TIME : 4.00 PM (mine start at 5.20 PM)



-the application of JPA/MARA Scholarship PILN 2010 and has open on the 11 March 2010 more info
-the closing date was 7 days after the SPM result which was on 18 March 2010 more info
-all the applicant must register at eSILA JPA website
-read the manual first and then FAQ Permohonan Tajaan JPA dan MARA Untuk Lepasan SPM 2009 Di Bawah Program Ijazah Luar Negara
-read carefully the minimum requirement of the course that you will apply
-after shortlisted, you need to take a Ujian Khas Persekutuan JPA and create an essay about self, background education and career planning. sample MARA essay [1][2]


-verify all the photocopy document
-arrange your document nicely
-search as much information about the course and country


-I arrive at MARA Terengganu at 3.00 pm after having lunch (feeling dizy at that time, it is not a good sign)
-there were two young ladies at the registration table (both of them are from the MARA HQ), they told me that the registration time for 4 pm session will be open at 3.45pm
-I don't know where to go since at that time i'm still feeling headache, then I just wait with both ladies. then they please me to have a seat, since there was an empty seat at the registration table
-I chatted with them (they are very friendly) and I asked them to check my documents, one of them gave me a mineral bottle
-after registration session, both of them showed us the interviewer room (I am in panel 3)
-at the room I saw a lady waited us while watching a movie on her laptop (maybe she bored)
-as I mentioned above I was the last person to be interviewed and at that day I was the only one who applied Engineering France
-while waiting my turn, En Shah from UEM called me to tell about the UEM interview on 19 April (first stage) and 21 April (second stage)
-before my turn, an officer MARA and the practical student lady from UNISEL chated with me to relief the tension since I was the last person

Questions And Answers

Q: Dah makan ke belum? Datang dari mana? Pukul berapa sampai?
A: (I asked them what language they wanted me to speak)
Q: Cakap biasa jer.. Just ice-breaking..
A: (I just answered in Malay)

Q: What do you know about this programme?
A: I know this Engineering France from my senior and I also have conducted a research about it... (explanation)
Q: Mata OK tak?
A: For now my health is OK (confuse to answer it in Malay or English)

Q: Why do you think we should choose you? Please promote your self ?
A: (I told them about my co-curricular activity and leadership)
Q: Can you speak Mandarin?
A: I can speak in 3 languages.. which is Malay (they laugh when I said it), English and Arabic... (I told them that I want to learn Mandarin but I dont have the time since I have joined English Programme)

Q: Is there any questions?
A: (I asked about the France programme : even I already know about it - just to confirm)...May I know your name?
Q: Why do you want to know our name?
A: I want to send a thank you letter
Q: Tak payah la..Kami buat kerja kami jer.. cakap kat sini jer..

-It was just around 10 minutes
-the main question they asked me in English but they interrupted my speech in Malay and thats make me little bit confuse to answer it
-MARA just want to know our education, carrier planning (same goes to essay)

*Wish to secure MARA scholarship even though I'm still not satisfy with my answers and the questions that was given to me

Sunday, April 11, 2010




Dihapkan agar warga V SYARIAH SCIENCE DAMASCUS 2010 akan mencapai kejayaan yang lebih gemilang kelak.

*Doakan kejayaan kami....

Thursday, April 8, 2010



2.00 pm : Registration
2.45 pm : Critical Reasoning Test Battery (C R T B)
4.00 pm : End


Part 1 : Verbal Evaluation
Part 2 : Interpreting Data
Part 3 : Diagrammatic Series


1)Before PNB Test Session

-The application has opened after the SPM result on 11 March 2010 more info
-The closing date for application is 23 March 2010 (Selasa)
-The applicants have to download the form at PNB website or just click here then they have to submit the form to Jabatan Pembangunan Pendidikan or email
-The minimum requirements are 8A's in SPM and 2A for English GCE-O and I only got 3B for the English GCE-O but PNB still called me for the test... my advice here is try to apply first this scholarship
-The problem that I faced was to verify all the certificates due to the one week holiday after SPM result... I hope the future candidates will verify all their certificates earlier before the SPM result
-At first I planed to submit the application by post and via email, however I just sent the form by post express one day before the closing date which is on 22 March 2010
-The result of PNB Overseas Scholarship Awards 2010 did not publish on the PNB website but those who were shortlisted for the test will be called by PNB, one or two weeks after the closing date
-I have received a call from Pn. Norlin from PNB on 31 March 2010 at about 3.00 pm (just after I woke up from bed) (after finishing the YTN OVS scholarship 2010)
-Pn. Norlin told that the test will be held on 5 April 2010, 2.00 pm in Room 1 Tingkat 36 Menara PNB and I had to bring the stationeries and a calculator
-on 2 April 2010, I called again Pn. Norlin to confirm the date and place then she said "Kenapa tak catat?" in a joke... and I said that I have wrote it on a paper and then the paper has gone

What did I prepared for the PNB test
-practiced the intelligence quotient (IQ) test on the internet and try to know how to answer it
-prepared my mind to be clear and always stay calm
-answered the University of Kent IQ test
-buy a new calculator (if you have lost it)
-buy stationeries (complete set)

2)During PNB Test Session

-I came very, very early in the morning around 10.00 am since my cousin just dropped me at Menara PNB and went to work at The Intermark
-the PNB officer (lady) asked me to register, then I told her that my test is at 2.00 pm... so she pleased me to sit and wait at the lobby hall or pray "Dhuha" at Tabung Haji
-I just wait while testing my IQ on the internet
-at the lobby hall, there were so many people which were parents of the applicants sat at the lobby while waiting their children to finish the PNB IQ test
-at around 11.30 am, all the candidates for morning session has finished the test came down and seek their parents
-I managed to interview and ask one of the applicants of the morning session which is from Terengganu, he told that we need to be fast to answer all those tricky questions
-at around 12.30 pm, my friend form my mother land came, and we discuss some questions related with IQ
-then at about 1.00 pm, we had a lunch at McDonald (we lost for a while) since I just ate some bread and drank 100+ (isotonic)
-we went to Menara PNB at around 1.30 pm after enjoying our meal, and at the lobby there were others applicants that still waiting for the registration
-at around 2.00 pm the registration session began... at the registration table I saw a women and I thought she is Pn. Norlin, then I introduced myself and thanks God... she remembered me....
-Pn. Norlin told us to line up into group which group 1 and group 2 and she brought us to the 36 floor and reminded us not to go to any floor except 36
-after arriving at the 36 floor we went to the Room 1 and took our seat and waited for others applicants
-while waiting, Pn Rukiah  tried to calm down the situation by ice-breaking and we needed to introduce ourself to others and some of the names that I managed to jot down were Ilias, Shauki, Shakir, Aiman, Faizal, Malina, Ain, Aisyah, Fatimah, Atirah, Sakinah, Amalin, Atikah, Afiq, Hazreen, and Amzar (I just wrote based what I heard)


Part 1 : Verbal Evaluation VC 1.3 : 20 questions (20 minutes)
-really, really need to understand the whole passage (more difficult than EST)
-three options of answers (A:agree, B:don't agree C:need more information)

Part 2 : Interpreting Data NC 2.3 : 18 questions (20 minutes)
-some questions, need help from a calculator
-don't trap with the tricky questions
-need to calculate fast
-have to understand the diagram, chart, statistics and numbers

Part 3 : Diagrammatic Series DC 3.1 : 40 questions (20 minutes)
-open your eyes as width as you can to see the pattern and trick of the questions
-don't spend too much time on a question
- answer quickly

3)After PNB Test Session 

-Pn. Rukiah told us that the result will be announced at the end of May 2010 via email and phone and only those who are shortlisted will be contact
-there will be an interview (depends on the PNB)
-I ask Pn Rukiah, where did PNB buy the CTRB book, and she said the PNB bought them form UK and we need a license to buy this battery (I think those who really want to excel in IQ test should buy this battery)
-we left the room with a tired mind and brain
-I sent the Thank You letter on 6 April 2010, one day after the PNB test to Pn Norlin and Pn Rukiah via email

*Good luck for the future candidates of this IQ test...
*Just pray for the best for all of us (Do hope to get this scholarship)