Friday, July 31, 2009


Fine weather

1. The sun was shining in a clear blue sky.
2. The sun was slowly making its way through the clouds casting a golden hue
3. The sun rose majestically in the sky heralding the dawn of a glorious new day
4. The golden rays of the early morning sun brought much warmth and cheer
5. The radiant rays of the sun brought hope and vigour
6. The sun spread its golden rays of crimson and gold
7. The day was neither too warm nor too cold. It was a perfect weather for a picnic / outing
8. A gentle wind was blowing. It ruffled my hair and caressed ( fondling touch ) my cheeks
9. A gentle wind was blowing and the tall coconut trees were dancing to the rhythm of the wind
10. The rustle of leaves, as they brushed against each other in the gentle breeze, was like soothing music to the ears

Hot weather

1. The sun appeared like a huge ball of fire
2. The sky was ablaze with red and golden hues
3. The sun shone merciless from a cloudless sky
4. The sun was directly overhead. Beads of sweat glistered ( gathered ) on my forehead and slowly trickled ( flow in drops ) my face
5. The sun's rays penetrated through the thick clouds and my shirt clung to my back, drenched in perspiration ( sweat )
6. The scorching heat sucked up the moisture from the air and the air became still and dry

Rainy weather

1. Lightning flashed and thunder roared
2. Dark clouds gathered and soon big drops of rain fell from the sky
3. Dark clouds of grotesque shapes were racing across the sky
4. Bright flashes and lightning lit up the dark sky and this was immediately followed by deafening blasts of thunder
5. A bright streak of lightning illuminated the sky and the distance rumble of thunder reached his ears and quickened his pace
6. The skies opened and blinding sheets of rain fell
7. The soft patter of raindrops fell on my skin
8. The wind hummed / murmured / whispered / howled
9. The leaves of tree glistened ( shine / glitter / sparkle ) with drops of moisture
10. The road were littered with potholes ( deep hole ) which we filled with murky water
11. The sky was overcast ( cover with clouds darkness )and appeared like blotched patches ( irregular patch ) of white and grey
12. The wind was blowing with greater force and trees were slamming their branched against each other

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